1. Always wear a leash - It will ensure you don't get separated from your board if you fall in.

2. Wear a buoyancy aid at all times on the water

3  Dress appropriately, you will most likely fall in so wear something you can swim in, do not wear heels and remove any jewelery. Wear a wetsuit if it's cold.

Bring a towel and a change of clothes

4  The sun on the water is strong so wear suncream and stay hydrated.

5  Be aware of those around. It's always good to be mindful of other people using the water and keep a good distance

6. Paddle on your knees or in the prone position in very shallow water or if you are having difficulty in choppy conditions

7.  Be mindful of the wind and tide before you start paddling, in the shallow water try going both ways, it will become apparent which way the wind and tide are going, we always advise people to paddle the hardest way first  so it's easier to get back the other way. 

8. Most importantly, have fun!